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Smarter Banking, Richer Life

Say "hello" to a new kind of banking with the launch of our first product, Jenius Personal Loans.

Phone displaying Jenius Bank's mobile interface.

We’re Different... We Listen

You told us what you wanted from a bank and those things became our building blocks:

  • Better rates on loans, checking, and savings accounts.

  • A big picture view — your money, from all sources, in one place. 

  • Insights that help you spend and save smarter.   

  • Help from humans when you need it.

A parent pushing children in a moving box across a room.

Modern Money Solutions

Better online banking right at your fingertips — no-hassle loan applications, deposits insured by the FDIC¹ and an easy-to-use mobile app² that helps you track everything.

  • Launched

    Personal Loans

    • Low rates

    • No fees

    • Quick access to funds

    • Achieve your financial goals

  • Building


    • Market-leading rates

    • No minimum balances

    • Easy-to-use interface & tools

    • Unlimited transfers

  • Building


    • No hidden fees

    • 41K+ fee-free Allpoint® ATMs

    • 24/7 fraud monitoring

    • $0 Liability Protection³

All Your Money, One Clear Picture

We're building tools that will pull all your finances together regardless of the bank. You'll see how all your money comes and goes with insights on what you might be missing, like budgeting or savings opportunities. Trade your old online banking for new financial confidence.

What does a Richer Life mean to you?

  • A richer life would mean being financially secure and having the time to enjoy the things I love.
    Kenneth O.
  • Go places, try new things, meet new people without worry.
    Sarah R.
  • One where you look at your personal relationships, your finances, and your ordinary days and say, Wow.
    Kemi G.
  • Use my time how I want. Feel free to travel and learn new things.
    Rebekah H.

Don’t Like Fees? Us Either.

Other banks charge fees that you never anticipated. That's just not in our DNA. With a Jenius Personal Loan, you'll never pay a fee for any reason.

Help From Humans

Technology can be great. But it shouldn't go so far, you can't get a hold of a real person when you need one. That's why Jenius Bank™ puts its number right on the homepage. Call us at 844-453-6487 to access our 24/7, U.S.-based, first-class, customer support.


Jeniuses Wanted

Be among the first to learn about our checking and savings account launches.