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Low Rates. No Fees. Smarter Borrowing.

Maybe you’re interested in paying off high-rate debt, or maybe it’s time to finally redo that retro (in a bad way) bathroom. That’s where a Jenius Personal Loan comes in handy. With no fees of any kind and low rates, you're on your way to living a richer life.

Young couple takes a selfie as they happily hold paint rollers in front of their freshly painted bathroom.

Save Thousands. That's Jenius.

Jenius Personal Loan

High-Rate Credit Card









Monthly Payment


Monthly Payment


Interest Paid


Interest Paid


Estimated Savings: $5,792.74

Information is for illustrative purposes only and takes into consideration regular monthly payments of principal and interest over 5 years with no increase to the example credit card balance. Actual APR and savings may differ.

Banking with Benefits

  • Competitive Rates

    Get rates that make it easier for you to borrow – and pay back.

  • Rate Discount

    Take 0.25% off your rate when you enroll in AutoPay.

  • No Fees

    Unlike other banks that charge origination or late fees, our personal loans have no fees. No Gotchas.

  • Flexible Funding

    Borrow what you need with loans from $5,000 to $50,000.

  • Quick Access to Funds

    Receive funds as early as the next business day

    . Yes, that quick!

  • Predictable Payments

    Make predictable monthly payments or pay off the loan early to reduce future interest, with no fees.

Why Get a Personal Loan?

  • Consolidate Debt and Save Thousands

    A Jenius Personal Loan could help you save money by paying off high-interest credit card debt.

  • Elevate Your Space

    Elevate your kitchen or update the bathroom. Smart financing can help spark your joy and comfort at home (and may increase its value).

  • Enjoy Life’s Special Moments

    From weddings to vacations, you deserve to enjoy life’s special moments without worrying about the cost.

  • Tackle Unexpected Expenses

    The unexpected is expected. With a Jenius Personal Loan, know you could be prepared for whatever life has in store.

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