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The Mind-Money Connection

It’s no surprise that our financial health and mental health are inseparable. Read more about this study that shows how deep this connection runs, where it manifests, and actions you can take that might make you happier.


Humanizing Digital Banking

Jenius Bank was founded on the belief that banking and your money should work for you. The Mind-Money Connection study seeks to understand customer attitudes and behaviors around finances, so we can build products and services that help reduce your financial stressors.

  • The Meaning of "Rich"

    Being rich isn’t all mansions and yachts. In fact, the meaning is different for everybody and often is more than just dollars and cents.

  • Your Money and Your Mind

    Your mind and your money are more deeply connected than you may think, impacting your health, relationships, and much more.

  • Spending, Saving, and Sacrifice

    Understanding your spending and savings habits can be a tool to reducing financial stress. Easy tips can help you start living a richer life.

Here's What We Found

And not everything's what you may think...
  • No Debt, No Problems


    Being debt-free was #1 when it came to how respondents defined being “rich.” Sounds like finding ways to save (hint: opening a HYSA!) should be at the top of your to-do list.

  • Richness is Relative


    20.4% of survey respondents considered themselves to be rich but 32.3% of survey respondents believed others consider themselves rich. A classic case of Insta versus reality, perhaps?

  • Gender Wealth Perception


    19.1% more men than women considered themselves to be rich. We’ve heard of the gender pay gap, but it sounds like there’s a wealth perception gap, too!

  • No Finance in Romance


    42.5% of respondents said that financial anxiety had negatively impacted their relationship with their partners. Nothing romantic about that.

  • Money & Marriage


    53.6% of unmarried respondents said their outlook on their finances have made them less likely to tie the knot. So, don’t be surprised if you see fewer #weddingszn posts this summer.

  • Millennial Hustle Culture


    45.5% of Millennials we surveyed reported having a side hustle, compared to just 31% of the other age groups. Is it possible we’re hustling too hard these days?

The bottom line? It's time to redefine wealth.

Most people don’t define richness as luxury or excess. Instead, people want to live free of financial stress, where they can provide for their families and their future – now that's living a richer life.

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Jenius Tips

  • Get Money Smart

    Educate yourself on how money works to help build your confidence. Consult multiple sources to become a Jenius with your money.

  • Balance-Mind-Money-PDP-Sticker-v1-202406007.svg

    Avoid Comparisons

    Focus on personal goals rather than what your peers are doing. Everyone’s financial wellness journey is different.

  • Schedule Face Time with Your Finances

    Track your spending closely to determine what’s causing you stress (and what’s making you smile).

  • Target-Money-PDP-Sticker-v1-202406007.svg

    Address Debt Strategically

    Manage your debt carefully with repayment plans and debt consolidation.

  • Goals-Mind-Money-PDP-Sticker-v1-202406007.svg

    Spend Intentionally

    Consider the value of non-essential purchases and what really makes you happy. Spend there and skip the rest.

  • Checkmark-Mind-Money-PDP-Sticker-v1-202406007.svg

    Make Saving Routine

    Automate your savings to help build a financial safety net with a high-yield savings account, like Jenius Savings.

A Step Toward Reducing Financial Stress

Make saving a part of your wellness regimen by opening a HYSA. With a market leading rate and no fees, Jenius Savings could be a great choice to help you unlock a richer life.

The survey collected responses from 4,025 United States residents between the ages of 25 and 55. Approximately 2,012 respondents (one-half) fell between the ages of 29 and 44, or the "Millennial" generation. Each respondent reported an annual household income (HHI) of $100,000 or higher. The survey was conducted online via Propeller Insights, a full-service market research company. Propeller Insights facilitated the recruitment of the participants, deployment of this survey and collection and delivery of the raw data. Data collection began on April 2, 2024 and concluded on April 9, 2024. Any data collected is solely utilized for the purposes outlined in the agreement between Jenius Bank and Propeller Insights. This survey recognizes certain limitations in its design (such as question wording) and data collection methodologies (such as practical difficulties in conducting surveys). While we have employed robust techniques to ensure accuracy, it is important to note that all survey research may involve unmeasured variables and errors that could influence the outcomes.