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Raising Banking Standards

Unlike other banks, Jenius Bank™ challenges the experiences that just don't make sense. Banking and your money should work for you — we're on a mission to make that happen.

A man banking on his mobile phone at a train station.

Here’s Our Why

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    We’re committed to our purpose: “To help you live a richer life.”

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    Empowering customers with a new approach to banking through actionable insights and innovative tools to better manage their financial lives.

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    To humanize digital banking and lead a monumental shift in the industry.

New Digital Bank, Rich History

Jenius Bank is proud to be the digital banking division of SMBC MANUBANK and a member of the SMBC Group. We have a startup mindset paired with SMBC Group’s 400 years of history, so we’ll be here to grow with you for the long term.


The Sumitomo family business starts


The Mitsui family business starts


SMBC MANUBANK (formerly Manufacturers Bank) opens


SMBC MANUBANK (formerly Manufacturers Bank) joins Mitsui Bank


Sakura Bank (formerly Mitsui Bank) & Sumitomo Bank merge to form SMBC


Jenius Bank launches personal loans and savings

A Fresh Approach to Banking

Our leaders left their former bank and tech roles to pursue something better — less gray suits and hold music for more meaningful interaction and partnerships with customers.

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Humans Behind the Screens

We work across 39 states and counting, but we’re united in our common purpose. Meet a few members of our team:
  • John Rosenfeld

    Leading the Change
    John Rosenfeld headshot

    John, our President, used to jump out of airplanes as a Green Beret — good preparation for the thrill of leading a banking revolution. He’s run digital businesses at GE, Bank of America, TD Bank and Citizens Bank. His traditional banking pet peeve? Penalty fees for small mistakes. You won’t find those at Jenius Bank!

  • Tracey Dunlap

    Designing Great Experiences
    Tracey Dunlap headshot

    Tracey rose to the top in fintech by solving customers’ problems. She left Zenmonics as Chief Experience Officer to design a world-class experience at Jenius Bank. She walks many miles in customers’ shoes, so good thing she loves customers ... and shoes. Her faves? Fancy heels for life in the city and boots for snowmobiling!

  • Dan Struble

    Creating Money Confidence
    Dan Struble headshot

    Dan is our financial wellness guru who came to us via ING-Direct, Capital One, and Simple. Now he’s nerding out building solutions that help customers improve financial confidence. When not running ultramarathons, he’s our in-house fitness guru, posting daily workout breaks for the Jenius Bank team!

  • May Ya Poon

    Keeping Operations in Check
    May Ya Poon headshot

    May Ya embraces adventure. She ditched the traditional bank scene after years at Wachovia, Capital One and Wells Fargo to join Jenius Bank. She leads the Operational Risk team as they dig into our processes and ensure we’ve planned for the unknown. A native of Singapore, she loves traveling and trying new foods and experiences!

  • Gregg Sansone

    Using Data for Good
    Gregg Sansone headshot

    Gregg cares about numbers. But he cares a lot more about people. That’s why his passion is using data to make us all smarter about our money. He came to Jenius Bank from Ally after 15+ years at USAA. He’s a great fit for our Jenius Bank approach — he doesn’t own a single gray suit because that’s just not his style.

Join Our Team

Jenius Bank is growing and we’re looking for trailblazers. If you’re ready for an adventure — come join our team!


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